The Dream: My job offers us beer

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My first job after college was crazy. My boss was always running around talking to everyone in the office, and we had a great time. Fridays were the best because the company would bring breakfast and lunch, and let us have an early afternoon off. You had to wear a Hawaiian shirt, which was a little odd in hindsight, but it was part of the culture, and no one really complained. I’ll never forget the time we had a sales competition to see who could get the most appliance contracts in one week. It wasn’t hard work, considering the company was well known and we had great deals going on. I didn’t win, but the girl who won got a free trip to the Bahamas. She didn’t have anyone to go with, and I don’t think she ever went.

The company I work for now has its perks. I get a small annual allowance to purchase tailored clothing, and the location is really close to my home. I like getting dressed up and try to wear a different color every day of the week. I was into bow ties for a little bit, but I stopped wearing those because I didn’t want people to think I was desperate to be different. I still occasionally wear one, but only on special days of the month.

Our office is really nice too, and I love the indoor plants we maintain. Small businesses seem to have more freedom to be uniquely expressive and cater to a niche crowd. We have giant ferns and cycads lining the main entrance, and windows from the floor to the ceiling on the north side of the main entrance. It’s a great design because there is always sun, but never too much, and the plants do really well in that setting.

We also have a great kitchen area that has an automatic coffee maker that grinds beans and can even make espresso. It’s got a microwave that can bake a potato, a giant refrigerator, and a cool beer cooler that lets us keep three types of beer on tap. The only problem I have is that our glassware is relatively small, so I can only offer our clients a little bit of beer at a time. They always crack up and claim that they could even live at our office. I think it’s a comfy environment, and it really helps establish a warm relationship with our clients.

I’ve been trying to convince our boss to get a company pet to keep around the office. I think a dog would be great to have around, but they are more upkeep than a cat. Cats are okay, but then we have to clean a litter box every day. I’m personally in favor of getting a pet hedgehog to be our office mascot. How great would that be? I can see it now: a little spiky hedgehog making everyone smile. If our clients love the office now, just wait until we get the hedgehog.

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