Personal Injury

Often time’s accidents are just that- accidents. Yet sometimes they are caused by the negligence or oversight of another party. These are called “personal Injury” cases. Some of the most common kinds of personal injury cases include: car accidents, premises liability cases, and product liability cases.

According to the website of the Abel Law Firm, in the case of car accidents, a personal injury case can be filed if a victim is injured due to the fault of another driver or another party involved in the accident. The car manufacturer, tire manufactures, or even those in the city in charge of maintaining highways and roads could be at fault for an accident that injures a cautious driver who followed all rules of the road.

Mazin & Associates personal injury lawyers are typically aware that in cases of premises liability a victim is injured in a building belonging to a property owner who failed to construct or maintain the structure of their building. This negligence often leads to the injury of the inhabitants or visitors to the building. Some examples of this involve fires, star collapses, mold and asbestos exposure.

According to the website of The Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, In the case of product liability, the victim was injured by a defective product due to the oversight or negligence of the products manufacturer. Some common examples of this include toxic food substances or defective toys for children. These are particularly dangerous cases because they affect large groups of people, a sin the case of toxic food substances, or they affect some of the most vulnerable victims- children.

Cases of personal injury can be extremely harmful and in some cases, life threatening. Unfortunately these cases often could have been prevented. These cases are the fault of the carelessness or neglect another party involved. In these cases the victim of such a tragedy or their families may be owed certain damages.

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Types of Divorce

Often times, couples reach a point in their marriage where they face difficulty or challenges. Some couples pursue marriage counseling at these times, and some couple realize at this point that they would be happier leading their lives separately from each other. In these cases, all spouses should have the option of a quick divorce with as little stress as possible. While we think of divorce as a singular concept, it is a nuanced process that has many different avenues through which it can be pursued.

According to the website of Alexander & Associates there are many types of divorce couples can file for, including: contested divorce, uncontested divorce, mediated divorce, collaborative divorce, and simplified divorce

In a contested divorce, spouses are unable to reach an agreement about the divorce or certain terms of the divorce. In these cases, legal intervention is often required to come to a compromise that is satisfactory to both parties. Uncontested divorces make up a majority of divorces in the United States. In these cases, both spouses agree to the terms outlined in the divorce and the separation can proceed without argument. Legal counsel is still recommended in this process to help with the extensive paperwork required in any divorce proceeding.

Mediated divorce involves the inclusion of an unbiased third party to mediate the negotiation of the divorce terms, and avoid further conflict between couple who have disagreements. Collaborative divorce does not take place inside the courtroom. It is handled outside so that the process can be simplified and expedited. Simplified divorce is a divorce without the use of attorneys. However, the consultation of a legal professional can still be very helpful in these cases.

Divorces can be complex and stressful processes. It is very important to have trusted legal representation in these trying times, to avoid further difficulty for couples and their families. Children especially are important to remember if involved, decisions should always be made with them in mind.

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Workplace Accidents/ Workplace Compensation

Most jobs are fairly safe and secure- all they require is sitting at a desk or a computer. However, some jobs require more risky activity. In these jobs, workplace injury is not unheard of. In these cases, it is the duty of the company to fully compensate their employee for all expenses sustained due to the workplace injury. This reduces the stress of the employee and their families during the time of recovery before they can return to work.

Common workplace injuries include: construction accidents, head/brain injuries, spine injuries, lung diseases, repetitive motion injuries, and occupational diseases.

These range from minor injuries to permanent disabilities. According to the website of an Iowa personal injury lawyer at LaMarca Law Group P.C., work place injuries can be split into two categories: permanent disability and temporary disability.

Injuries resulting in temporary disability will put an employee out of the office for an extended period of time, but not permanently. Still, in these cases the injured employee will likely have high medical expenses and will be unable to work for a period of time. This can be emotionally and financially stressful for the victim and their family, although they will make an eventual recovery.

Injuries resulting in permanent disabilities are far more serious. This alters the life of those who experience them, and in many cases make them unable to continue their previous careers. These are also associated with increased medical expenses and emotional and financial trauma.

Workplace injuries can be extremely harmful and in some cases, life threatening. Unfortunately these cases often could have been prevented. Many times, these are often the fault of the carelessness or neglect of the workplace itself. In these cases the victim of such a tragedy or their families may be owed certain damages.

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