Porch/Stair Collapse

The apartment complex building at 1700-08 W. Estes Avenue in Rogers Park in Chicago, Illinois, registered to one Cameel Halim, an agent for CH Ventures, LLC and Wilmette Real Estate & Management, LLC, has been cited for 39 violations when city inspectors came to inspect it nine times over a 10-year period, public records showed as firefighters tried to extinguish a fire that started in the apartment building on Monday, January 11.

Citations made by the city against the apartment building included rotting window frames and doors, peeling paint, live rats, non-secured porches, water-damaged balconies, stagnant basement sewage, and open plaster in the basement ceiling, among others.

According to Chicago Fire Department commissioner Jose Santiago, one firefighter who responded to the scene of the fire at the apartment complex, instead of just helping extinguish a fire, got bonus injuries from falling from the third floor set of stairs after they collapsed. The quality of the stairs had in no way been affected by the fire; the stairs were rickety to begin with.

Also, Jenira Torres, a resident of 7106-12 N. Paulina Street, which was located near the property, said fire extinguishers could not be found in the building.

Attorneys at the Abel Law Firm say factors that may have contributed to such collapses are deteriorating support structure, too much weight heaped on the porches or stairs at the time of the accident, or shoddy or out-of-code construction.

The city of Chicago conducts porch inspections of structures and determines which might cause potential harm to their occupants or to people within their immediate vicinities, and give out this information to the state Department of Buildings. Aside from making sure that buildings are not made of substandard construction materials, local officials advise residents to avoid crowding or placing too many people in a single area at one time, especially on floors above ground and especially on porches.

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Dangers of Truck and SUV Accidents

We all aspire to be cautious drivers and keep the roadways safe. However, as design and manufacturing of vehicles becomes safer than ever, some vehicles prove to be safer than others. Large trucks and 18 wheelers as well as SUV’s are often more prone to more dangerous kinds of accidents. Large trucks and 18 wheelers can cause far more damage on the road if there is a defect within the vehicle or if control of the vehicle is lost. This is simply due to their size, weight, and design. SUV’s are more prone to rollover accidents and often lack the safety standards expected from other vehicles.

Atlanta truck accident attorneys usually cite common causes or truck accidents as: drunk driving, mechanical defects, and truck driver errors. These are all scenarios which any truck driver or driver of a similarly large vehicle should be aware of and do their best to avoid. While certain accidents are inevitable, many are preventable if proper precautions are taken.

A study done by the National Highway Safety Administration revealed that “SUVs are 75% more likely to be involved in rollover accidents than are traditional cars. Furthermore, the administration estimates that the safest SUVs are still more likely to roll over in an accident than the least safe sedans.” This is why sedans are generally less expensive to insure. There are many factors that go into determining insurance rates though, so it’s difficult to say how much of a role this plays in final costs. The IOTS website may has more specific information on this topic.

Truck and SUV accidents are some of the most dangerous and stressful incidents that can occur on the road. Often times, truck accidents do not simply happen without the oversight or error of those involved. They are unfortunately often the fault of the carelessness or neglect of another. In these cases the victim may be owed certain damages.

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DePuy Hip Implant Complications

A hip replacement surgery is a complex and invasive surgery that can be very stressful for many patients. It is desirable then, that patients experience no additional trouble with their hip implant. These medical procedures should be trusted to only improve the lives of patients. Unfortunately, DePuy, hip implants used after 2003 have been recalled due to a high rate of post-surgery complications.

According to the website of the DePuy lawsuit attorneys at Williams Kherkher, common effects of defects DePuy hip implants include: bone fracture around the implant, loosening of the implant or bone, implant dislocation.

Bone fracture around the implant can occur if the bones in the surrounding area of where the implant was initially placed begin to break or crack. This can be extremely painful and although it does not occur within the implant itself, and can be caused due to a defect in the implant. A loosening of the implant or bone can occur after the operation has been completed if the implant does not stay within its initial location. This can also be a very painful experience and could lead to a difficulty walking or moving. Implant dislocating implies a complete movement of the implant. Rather than just simply coming loose, it has entirely moved from its desired location. This is painful and can require additional invasive and expensive surgery to rectify.

If you or a loved one has experienced post-surgery complications due to a DePuy hip implant, you may be entitled to certain damages. These complications can cause emotional distress as well as the increased financial burden of medical bills and lost income from time take off of work to recover. These are burdens that no one should have to handle alone. When considering a hip replacement surgery, it is also important to be educated on the potential complications and the precautions you can take to avoid them.

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Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Life is unpredictable. Often times, the financial security we expect to reach as we pursue various avenues doesn’t always come to fruition. At this point, many people may find themselves in a debt that seems unmanageable. Fortunately, there are legal avenues that one can pursue to alleviate this burden and get your personal finances back to a manageable position, including bankruptcy.

A person can find themselves in a position of financial distress for a variety of reasons. Unexpected medical expenses, prolonged unemployment, or a piling up of student loans are all common reasons one could find themselves in financial trouble. Often times, a person or business can manage their debt themselves, and years of work can restore them to a financially stable place without legal intervention. This is a viable option for many people, and often debt is resolved individually. However, for some, their debt can feel unmanageable. They know that they will not be able to get out from under their debt, and for them, the financial burden is only increasing as time goes by. If this is the case, that pursing legal avenues including filing bankruptcy could be the best option to restore their finances to a manageable state.

Bankruptcy can be defined as the official establishment of a legal status of a person or business that they cannot repay their debts in their current financial state. This process is not meant to indict the insolvent entity, but rather focused on restricting their financial organizational structure to restore their finances to a manageable place.

According to the website of Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer Ryan J. Ruehle Attorney at Law, LLC, there are many different avenues to pursue when considering bankruptcy, including: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, foreclosure, and debt negotiation. These options can be the first step on a person or business road to financial rehabilitation.

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Personal Injury

Often time’s accidents are just that- accidents. Yet sometimes they are caused by the negligence or oversight of another party. These are called “personal Injury” cases. Some of the most common kinds of personal injury cases include: car accidents, premises liability cases, and product liability cases.

According to the website of the Abel Law Firm, in the case of car accidents, a personal injury case can be filed if a victim is injured due to the fault of another driver or another party involved in the accident. The car manufacturer, tire manufactures, or even those in the city in charge of maintaining highways and roads could be at fault for an accident that injures a cautious driver who followed all rules of the road.

Killeen personal injury attorneys are typically aware that in cases of premises liability a victim is injured in a building belonging to a property owner who failed to construct or maintain the structure of their building. This negligence often leads to the injury of the inhabitants or visitors to the building. Some examples of this involve fires, star collapses, mold and asbestos exposure.

According to the website of The Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, In the case of product liability, the victim was injured by a defective product due to the oversight or negligence of the products manufacturer. Some common examples of this include toxic food substances or defective toys for children. These are particularly dangerous cases because they affect large groups of people, a sin the case of toxic food substances, or they affect some of the most vulnerable victims- children.

Cases of personal injury can be extremely harmful and in some cases, life threatening. Unfortunately these cases often could have been prevented. These cases are the fault of the carelessness or neglect another party involved. In these cases the victim of such a tragedy or their families may be owed certain damages.

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Types of Divorce

Often times, couples reach a point in their marriage where they face difficulty or challenges. Some couples pursue marriage counseling at these times, and some couple realize at this point that they would be happier leading their lives separately from each other. In these cases, all spouses should have the option of a quick divorce with as little stress as possible. While we think of divorce as a singular concept, it is a nuanced process that has many different avenues through which it can be pursued.

According to the website of Alexander & Associates there are many types of divorce couples can file for, including: contested divorce, uncontested divorce, mediated divorce, collaborative divorce, and simplified divorce

In a contested divorce, spouses are unable to reach an agreement about the divorce or certain terms of the divorce. In these cases, legal intervention is often required to come to a compromise that is satisfactory to both parties. Uncontested divorces make up a majority of divorces in the United States. In these cases, both spouses agree to the terms outlined in the divorce and the separation can proceed without argument. Legal counsel is still recommended in this process to help with the extensive paperwork required in any divorce proceeding.

Mediated divorce involves the inclusion of an unbiased third party to mediate the negotiation of the divorce terms, and avoid further conflict between couple who have disagreements. Collaborative divorce does not take place inside the courtroom. It is handled outside so that the process can be simplified and expedited. Simplified divorce is a divorce without the use of attorneys. However, the consultation of a legal professional can still be very helpful in these cases.

Divorces can be complex and stressful processes. It is very important to have trusted legal representation in these trying times, to avoid further difficulty for couples and their families. Children especially are important to remember if involved, decisions should always be made with them in mind.

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Workplace Accidents/ Workplace Compensation

Most jobs are fairly safe and secure- all they require is sitting at a desk or a computer. However, some jobs require more risky activity. In these jobs, workplace injury is not unheard of. In these cases, it is the duty of the company to fully compensate their employee for all expenses sustained due to the workplace injury. This reduces the stress of the employee and their families during the time of recovery before they can return to work.

According to the website of Scudder and Hedrick, PLLC, common workplace injuries include: construction accidents, head/brain injuries, spine injuries, lung diseases, repetitive motion injuries, and occupational diseases.

These range from minor injuries to permanent disabilities. According to the website of a Tennessee personal injury lawyer at Pohl & Berk, LLP, work place injuries can be split into two categories: permanent disability and temporary disability.

Injuries resulting in temporary disability will put an employee out of the office for an extended period of time, but not permanently. Still, in these cases the injured employee will likely have high medical expenses and will be unable to work for a period of time. This can be emotionally and financially stressful for the victim and their family, although they will make an eventual recovery.

Injuries resulting in permanent disabilities are far more serious. This alters the life of those who experience them, and in many cases make them unable to continue their previous careers. These are also associated with increased medical expenses and emotional and financial trauma.

Workplace injuries can be extremely harmful and in some cases, life threatening. Unfortunately these cases often could have been prevented. Many times, these are often the fault of the carelessness or neglect of the workplace itself. In these cases the victim of such a tragedy or their families may be owed certain damages.

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